‚ÄčAs a licensed Clinical Social worker, I believe that honesty, integrity, and professionalism is the core to being a successful Psychotherapist.

What I love about my craft is the, "Process of Change"

1. In the "Beginning", problems, difficulties, and pain.

2. At the "Middle", there is awareness.

3. At the "End", there is the integration of new behavior which brings self awareness, and self love.


I am very intuitive and sensitive to others feelings and  I work best when I am interactive and direct. I have excellent organizational skills that enable me to encourage patients to breakdown problems or situations into smaller elements to eliminate immobilization.

Lastly, my life has been filled with difficulty and challenges which enables me to experience my patients problems in a way that allows a deep connection and understanding of their problems, and the want and need for change.

The Gateway to Growth


Psychotherapy for Couples, and Adults in Transition